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March 30 2020

CONCEPTION Message to customers - COVID-19

CONCEPTION’s laboratory continues to operate

CONCEPTION has received from the Government of Quebec confirmation of its status as a company that works for essential services for agricultural businesses.

CONCEPTION has taken steps with its employees to comply with the recommendations issued by the Government of Quebec and by Health Canada to ensure the safety of its personnel and limit the spread of COVID-19.

The diagnostic tests offered by the company are the DG29® and DG-Lait/Milk® bovine pregnancy tests, as well as the animal health diagnostic tests for infectious diseases in herds (eg leukosis, Salmonella Dublin, neosporosis).

You can send us your samples taken according to the usual procedure by putting them yourself in the postal envelope provided for this purpose and dropping it in your post office box.
The samples will be analyzed upon arrival at Conception’s laboratory and the results will be sent to you by email, fax or telephone.
We also invite you to adopt good hygienic practices, in particular by wearing disposable gloves and by washing your hands regularly during the various steps of taking and sending samples.

For any additional information, please visit our Conception-Animal’s Facebook page Conception-Animal or our website, or communicate with us by email at the following address


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