How Pregnancy Tests Work ?

All of Conception’s pregnancy tests are based on the detection in blood or milk samples of a protein marker of bovine pregnancy (strategic and confidential corporate information) from the 28th day after breeding to calving. The presence in blood or milk samples of the protein marker of bovine pregnancy by ELISA method is indicative of a pregnancy whereas its absence confirms that the animal is not pregnant.


Description of Pregnancy tests

Milk samples


Efficacy and easiness of milk sample collection

The DG•Lait/Milk® pregnancy test offers the producer the opportunity to assess the pregnancy status of their cows efficiently, simply by taking a milk sample.

Test performance of DG•Lait/Milk® compared to the DG29® test:

• Sensitivity: 99,6%
• Specificity: 99,1%
• Accuracy: 99,4%


Blood samples


Identification and fast rebreeding of open cows and heifers

The DG29® pregnancy test provides the producer with the opportunity to assess the pregnancy status of their cows and heifers efficiently by taking a blood sample.

Test performance of DG29® compared to ultrasound:

• Sensitivity: 98,2%
• Specificity: 96,5%
• Accuracy: 97,5%



Identification of interrupted pregnancies or of pregnancies at risk of embryo mortality

An early diagnostic of pregnancy by whatever method (ex. palpation, ultrasound and blood or milk pregnancy tests) does not guarantee the birth of a live calf. Embryonic mortality is a well-documented natural phenomenon that can occur at any time. It is estimated that between 10 and 20% of pregnancies are interrupted between days 30 and 60 of gestation. It is therefore critical to confirm all early pregnancy diagnoses by carrying out a second examination of the animal. Conception still innovates by offering the DG•Confirmation®. The DG•Confirmation® test is recommended between days 60 and 90+ of gestation in order to identify interrupted pregnancies or pregnancies at risk of embryo mortality.

Test performance of the DG•Confirmation® is similar to that of the DG29® test.

DG•Blue Eyes® 

Rapid visual bovine pregnancy test that can be used in a LABORATORY or directly at the FARM without any specialized equipment

The DG•Blue Eyes® pregnancy test meets the needs of producers for whom shipping of sample and/or access to specialized laboratory services are limited. This test has been marketed since 2015 and is available exclusively on the international market. Test results are available in 30 minutes.

Test performance of DG•Blue Eyes® test as compared to DG29® test:

• Sensitivity: 100%
• Specificity: 97,7%
• Accuracy: 99,2%