Ferme Comestar Holstein / Victoriaville, Québec

The DG29® allows us to have a very tight following on our gestations, consequently optimizing our milk production and genetic gains.

Marc Comtois
Ferme Comestar Holstein

Ferme Cotopierre / Rimouski, Quebec

We have been using the DG29® since 2003 for more effective monitoring of our reproduction

Jean-Marc Bourdeau

Ferme Floroma / Pont-Rouge, Québec

With identification of non-pregnant cows and rapid insemination, we can reduce the days open and increase our income.

Florent Leclerc

Ferme M.R. Larochelle / St-Narcisse de Beauce, Québec

We have 35 lactating cows and we have been using the DG29® pregnancy test systematically since August 2003. DG29® is now part of our working method and its effectiveness is demonstrated on the farm. Its daily availability allows us to quickly identify and re-inseminate non-pregnant animals. The simple observation of non-return to heat is sufficient to confirm the maintenance of gestation for DG29®-tested animals between days 29 and 35 after insemination. The DG29® test is efficient and fast and has helped to improve and maintain our calving interval at 413 days.

Micheline & Martin Larochelle
Ferme M.R. Larochelle

Ferme Gaston Richard inc. / St-Basile, Québec

We are among the first users of the DG29® pregnancy test and have been confidently using the product since September 2002. We have 110 milking cows in addition to replacement heifers. All first pregnancy diagnosis on our cows and heifers are done with the DG29® which totals more than 700 tests. The test is easy to use, fast and reliable, which gives us flexibility and autonomy for the follow-up of our pregnancies. Confirmed DG29®-pregnancies are re-confirmed later in gestation (days 60 and 70) by our veterinarian to ensure that there is no embryonic mortality. DG29® and veterinary medicine is a winning combination on our farm and is here to stay.

Gaston & Vincent Richard
Ferme Gaston Richard inc

Ferme Lamberteau / St-Clotilde de Horton, Québec

The DG29® pregnancy test is one more tool we use to manage our herd reproduction. We use this tool occasionally, especially for repeat breeder cows. The sampling technique is very simple to perform, the response is fast and the result is also very easy to interpret. Some cows with high milk yields and having difficulty to conceive require closer monitoring and the daily availability of DG29® is particularly advantageous in this context.

Daniel Lambert
Ferme Lamberteau

Ferme Cansuisse / Deschaillons, Québec

I have a farm with 32 milking cows. My veterinarian monitors the pregnancies every 6 weeks and I use Conception’s pregnancy test between his visits. By combining veterinary monitoring and DG29® tests, I reduced my calving interval by 10 days in 8 months (from 405 to 395 days).

Ulrich Benggelli
Ferme Cansuisse

Ferme Roggua / Stanstead Quebec

The DG29® gives us the autonomy to follow our gestations since we do the test ourselves. The DG29® even allows us to accelerate our genetic gains.

Rachel Guay, Ferme Roggua

Ferme Brassard & Fils / Plessisville, Québec

Economical Impact after using DG29® for one year

  Before 1 year
Mean calving interval 419 407
Frequency of veterinary visits 4 weeks 5 weeks
78 cows X 12 DAYS X 5$   4 680 $
Saving DG29®   546 $
DG29®   (1 147 $)
Revenue   4 079 $


Note: The saving made by reducing the frequency of veterinary visits is negligible compared to the increase in revenues associated with the reduction in number of days open. We therefore recommend that producers do not change the frequency of veterinary visits, but rather use DG29® between veterinary visits. The decrease in the calving interval may be associated in whole or in part with the use of DG29®.

Ferme Normand Brilland et Fils / St-Fabien (Rimouski)

Before using DG29®, our herd had 90 cows with calving interval of 410 days. By using the DG29® pregnancy test, we managed to reduce the calving interval to 400 days while our herd has increased to 160 cows.

The addition of DG29® to our program has increased our revenue by $ 5 per day open, so 10 days x $ 5 x 160 cows for additional gains of $ 8,000 for the last year.

Rocky Mountain Holsteins / Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Holsteins relies on the DG29® pregnancy test for early and accurate pregnancy diagnosis with a very fast turn around of results. By incorporating this test in our management system we capture significant value for our breeding program.

Ron Churchill
Farm Manager
Dr. David Chalack

Roxburgh Farms / Thedford, Ontario

I am absolutely happy to be working with DG29® from Conception. I can test earlier than normal and at the time that suits me best. There is no waiting time and days open drastically decrease. The fast results fit well with our Ovsynch synchronization program. It's so easy, that anyone can use it with confidence.

Bill Gordon – Thedford, Ontario
Roxburgh Farms (250 milking cows)

Breevliet Ltd / Wetaskiwin, Alberta

We are really pleased to use DG29® from Conception. We can test 10 days earlier than normally and at the time we desire. The cost of each additional open day is estimated to be between $ 4 and $ 5 per day. For a herd of 100 milking cows, a reduction in the average calving interval of 10 days results in an annual income increase between $ 4,000 and $ 5,000. The DG29® fits in well with our Pre-Synch/Ov-Synch program.

Arjan et John de Goeij
Breevliet Ltd (340 milking cows)

Mel Foth, Foth Ventures Ltd. / Hague, SK | 400 cows

We have been using DG29® for 7 years and we appreciate the ease of taking the samples. We handle cows for estrous synchronization and blood sampling on the same day; so the cows are sorted and treated in a few minutes, and they are quickly returned to their normal routine to keep bringing money in!